Live a life that matters

Live a Life that Matters

Live a life that matters, gabrielle orcutt, Michael Josephson, andrik langfield

“Ready or not, it will all come to an end.
There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days.
All the things you collected, whether treasures or baubles, will pass to someone else…
It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.
What will matter is not your success, but your significance.
What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught.
What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion or sacrifice
That ennobled, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.
What will matter is not your competence, but your character. 
What will matter is not how many people you knew,
But how many people will feel a lasting loss when you are gone…
It won’t matter where you came from, or on which side of the tracks you lived at the end.
It won’t matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant;
Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant.

Live a life that matters, gabrielle orcutt, Michael Josephson, daniel burka

So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured?
What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built;
Not what you got, but what you gave.
What will matter is not your memories, 
But the memories that live in those who loved you.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered,
By whom, and for what.
Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident;
It is not a matter of circumstances, but of choice.”

– Michael Josephson

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Why do we roll to the right side after savasana? 

Why do we roll to the right side after savasana?


why do we roll on right side after savasana, yoga, yoga classes, yoga poses, gabrielle orcutt

Savasana is the final pose of any yoga class and provides the body deep restoration after working hard throughout the class. Savasana is sometimes called Final Relaxation Pose. The Sanskrit name, “Savasana” (shah-VAHS-uh-nuh), comes from two words:  “Sava” meaning “corpse” and “asana” meaning “pose”. There are scientific studies that state your body works just as hard during the 5 minutes of rest or meditation in savasana as the body did throughout the prior 45-55 minutes of physical practice.

As the restful meditation comes to a close, your instructor will cue you back into awareness of your body and eventually bringing you back into stillness laying on your right side, head on your right bicep, in a fetal position. This allows the body and mind to transition up into a comfortably seated position close class and move on with your day. Many yogis and yoginis have questioned:

why do we roll on right side after savasana, yoga, yoga classes, yoga poses, gabrielle orcutt

Why do we roll to the right side after savasana?

  • Physiological: Your heart is on the left side of your body. When you roll to your right side, your heart remains open and free of pressure. Your heart also remains above your organs on your right side leaving less weight on your heart. This means less pressure after savasana. Pausing on the right side allows your natural blood pressure to reach it’s potential homeostasis.
  • Energy Channels: Rolling to your right keeps your ida nadi (one of your main channels of prana, or life force, which corresponds to cooling energy) active and helps to keep your body calm as you come up to sitting. The left side of your body is your yin side. Lying on your right side allows you to continue to breath through your left nostril and continue the relaxing effects.
  • Spiritual and Ritual: In India, it is considered auspicious to enter a holy space with your right foot. In many parts of the world we greet each other by extending our right hands. The right side represent the east and so rolling towards the east, or the rising sun is symbolic of asking for blessings of grace and bliss.

**Please note that if you are pregnant you should roll to the left because this increases the flow of blood and nutrients to the baby.


why do we roll on right side after savasana, yoga, yoga classes, yoga poses, gabrielle orcutt

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Letting go

Letting go…

letting go, autumn, fall, leaves, gabrielle orcutt

I used to hate autumn…it was a slap in the face that winter was creeping in much faster than wanted #summergirlforlife But if you dig a little deeper you will find the true lesson in the autumn hues:

That letting go has never been so beautiful and freeing. 

letting go, gabrielle orcutt, autumn, fall

Leaves that cling on for dear life through to November are…dry…muted in color…lifeless… That is what clinging to relationships, things, dreams…will do to your soul if they are no longer serving you. I think sometimes we feel like we have to hold on to ppl or things because it’s what we are told we are supposed to do. But why hang on if it brings no joy? Society does’t care if you feel like sh-t or not…and this is not society’s life….

letting go, autumn, fall, gabrielle orcutt

How do you know if something no longer serves you? Time for an internal check: when you think about, use, or hang out with whatever you are holding onto, how do you FEEL? Yuck? Or yum? Hell no? Or F-ck YASSS? More times than not, the right route is the hard route…and the not so popular one. no matter what, no one should live according to what and how others think they should live. the reward for conformity is that everyone loves you but yourself.

Stop tolerating the bullsh-t and surround yourself with things, ideas and people that are uplifting to your spirit and over all well being.

letting go, autumn, fall, gabrielle orcutt


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Natural Cesarean Recovery Remedies

Natural Cesarean Recovery Remedies

9 natural cesarean recovery remedies, healing from a c-section, what to expect post c-section, gabrielle orcutt

Cesarean recovery. What to expect? What is not normal? Let’s back the conversation up to what is a cesarean section or c-section? Cesarean delivery (Csection) is a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus. A Csection might be planned ahead of time if you develop pregnancy complications or you’ve had a previous Csection and aren’t considering a natural birth after cesarean (VBAC). This is MAJOR abdominal surgery. Your doctor will make an incision that is roughly 6 inches long cutting through the skin, fat, and muscle. Most incisions are low on the abdomen made side to side, often called a “bikini” incision. Once inside the abdominal cavity, your doctor will then “open” the uterus by making another an incision. This uterus opening is cut “just wide enough” for your baby to fit through. One doctor will support the baby through the incision and apply traction as needed, while another doctor forcefully pushes the top of your uterus to help push your baby out. Once your baby is delivered, the umbilical cord is cut, and the placenta is removed. Your newborn baby will be held up for you to see before being whisked away for fluid will be suctioned out of your baby’s mouth and nose, vitals taken and other after birth procedures the hospital performs. After the extraction of your baby and placenta, your doctor then cleans and stitches up the uterus and layers of the abdomen. Closing incisions takes the bulk of surgery time.


Computer generated view of c-section & reasons why a c-section may be necessary


Live footage of a c-section

Natural Cesarean Recovery Remedies

  • Rest: Make rest your BFF. Your body experienced a major surgery, with or without hours of labor, plus the 10-ish months it took your body to  grow a living, breathing, unique human. Make your turn to rest a priority.
  • Good nutrition: Foods are fuel and all post part mamas need to eat good nutrition to aid in recovery. It is of even more importance to eat for healing post surgery. Eating lots colorful fruits and vegetables and protein-rich foods.
  • Prenatal supplements: They can fill in for any area you lack in your current daily food intake. Most prenatal supplements contain iron which is needed to rebuild your blood cells. Zinc and vitamin C also aid in proper wound healing.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink, drink drink. The better your hydration level the faster you recover. As an added bonus, it assists in milk production and keeps the bowels regular for less straining durning postpartum pooping.
  • Up your fiber intake: Speaking of poop, constipation post c-section is not only common (ugg!) it is very uncomfortable. Add high fiber foods like prunes, lentils, blackberries, avocados, chia seeds and any other of your favorites to keep things chugging along smoothly.
  • Heat therapy: Adding low heat can assist in healing by improving circulation and blood flow to a targeted area. A heating pad set on “low” or warm compresses will ease the pain around your abdomen and incision. Not only does the added heat heal damaged tissue, it also aids in relaxation and soothing sore muscles.
  • Belly binding: Bengkung Belly Binding is the art of wrapping a postpartum women’s belly for physical support and to help hasten the healing and recovery process after childbirth. This is a sacred practice, if you can find someone who provides this ceremony service, I encourage you to invest in the experience. Binding can help repair diastasis recti (ab separation), adds support for internal organs, and aids in the return of uterus to its prepregnancy size. Post c-section, it is recommended to wait for binding until 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Scar massage: Massaging the incision site has shown reduction in chronic pain, reducing scar tissue and improving your skins elasticity. (Here is a video how to!)
  • Healing salves: Cocoa butter and vitamin E oil have been mama approved for years. There are many items out on the market. Search for one that is all natural and organic! This one from Earth Mama Organics is a tried and true favorite.

Natural Cesarean Recovery Remedies, gabrielle orcutt, birth, c-section, hospital birth, what to expect

What is normal post c-section surgery? What indicates a call to my doctor?

Post surgery, you will likely feel some soreness in the incision area.  It is also normal to experience some bleeding or discharge up to six weeks post surgery date. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, call your doctor:

  • swelling, redness or oozing pus from the incision
  • incision pain or pain around the incision location
  • fever of more than 100.4°F (38°C)
  • discharge from the yoni that is bad-smelling
  • heavy yoni bleeding
  • redness or swelling in your leg(s)
  • breathing difficulty
  • chest pain
  • pain in your breasts
  • feeling sad or dark mood that never leaves
  • thoughts of hurting your baby

9 natural cesarean recovery remedies, healing from a c-section, what to expect post c-section, gabrielle orcutt

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Intentionally Present, Elena Sonnino Season 1 Episode 15

Intentionally Present

Elena Sonnino discusses being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, doing everything you were told is not possible, being intentionally present, taking on others’ emotions, and pranayama.   

This episode is for anyone that is facing a serious disease, looking to switch their perspective, hearing the impossible happen and living with intention.

Malcolm did hit us with his favorite line to have mama come running for assistance…again. You will hear him yelling a little bit.

Since recording together, Elena has started her own podcast, Sunrise in your pocket. Her podcast is geared at becoming the go-to disruptor for anyone who needs a reminder to get out of their own way so that they can reconnect to the inner strength and wisdom that is always with you. It is a gentle nudge. An outstretched hand. A friend who knows just when you need a boost.  

Enjoy the show!

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“I’m a sought-after guide for living fully in the now to step into the spotlight of your life. As a life coach, speaker, and yoga teacher, my work is an invitation to remove self-imposed obstacles and deepen your relationship with your inner strength and wisdom. I help individuals and groups feel more connected to themselves and less reliant on what other people think so that they can step even more fully into the NOW and their wildest dreams.” – Elena Sonnino


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