. . . with intention. finding my power + confidence. changing the inner “mean girl” dialog to positive mantra. . .

having respect for my body + it’s current ability to move. honoring the places where muscles say “No” + trusting the process. that I am “enough”, right now, in this moment. . .

this is my yoga PRACTICE, not my “yoga perfection”. there is no right or wrong in my motions, only awareness of personal safety. with love for my strengths + heaps of grace for weaknesses. there is no competition here; acceptance. love. belonging . . . are greeting me on my mat. this magic carpet of sacred self care, has no judgements or expectations. only space to breathe. find my flow. meditate. journal. + allow the tears to fall when life feels too heavy.

this is how i.OM.

how do you OM?

Gabrielle Orcutt is a yoga instructor (or Movement Matriach) teaching in the DuBois, PA area. Her unique blend of intuitive movement is beat-driven, focusing on strength + stretch  yoga sequencing. Her artistic, non-traditional approach to yoga has touched the hearts of hundreds who often left traditional yoga classes feeling “I don’t belong here.” While a power vinyasa is her signature level of intensity, she also instructs prenatal yoga, kids yoga and goat yoga. 

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