‘To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love…you live now.” – Alan Cohen
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My beautiful Goddess. Yes YOU.
Stop being unhappy with yourself. You are perfect in your imperfection. Stop wishing you looked like someone else. You are beautiful like YOU, not another. Stop watching the numbers on the scale. They do not measure your self worth. Stop trying to gain attention from those who hurt you. Their attention will always be forced and flawed. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your weird quirks, your eccentricities. Embrace them. Love them. Own your unique weird self. Be confident with who you are.
You are a warrior goddess, let them hear you roar. If the haters gonna hate because you are in love with yourself, then raise your middle finger high, as you wag it stating “Screw it! My happiness does not and will not depend on anyone ever again! I feel joy because I love who I am. I fully embrace my flaws, all of them, and adore my imperfections. They are what makes me unrepeatable and ‘me’ is unquestionably amazing.”
Look past the mirror and gaze deeply into your soul. Here is where you will see yourself as you truly are.
Beautifully, wonderfully, desirably…you.
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Photo Shoot Goals:
  • Unveil the unique luminous light that is your inner worth and beauty
  • Fully embrace the bombshell in you before, during and after babies
  • Stand strong in your confidence and share it with the world
When you visit the portrait studio, you revel in a tailor made portrait session; enchanting locations, charming props and an extensive treasury of alluring wardrobe pieces…all coming together to design an empowering experience.
See your beauty.
Know your worth.
Embrace self love.
You are a divine light, unique in it’s splendor, and you should be celebrated. Every day.

Why I love to photograph…

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+ Pregnancy
To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman and distressingly inhabited. The soul and spirit are stretched, along with the body, making pregnancy a time of transition, growth and profound beginnings. I vow to make pregnancy a time to appreciate your female body as it transforms, bringing new life Earth side. I will make you feel beautiful and radiant like a sultry goddess while we celebrate the gift of life.
>>>Link to Look book<<< Check out the Look book for photo shoot inspiration and how to prepare for your portraits.
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+ Boudoir
Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need others to accept you. You only need to accept yourself. You will never regret the time you took a chance and dared to think you were worth something more. You are making the choice to say, “I am beautiful as I AM.” Owning it, embodying it, but most of all…sharing it to empower other women. Love yourself like you’re not waiting for someone else to do it and I will show you a divine warrior goddess who radiates strong personal power.
>>>Link to Look book<<<  Check out the Look book for photo shoot inspiration and how to prepare for your portraits.

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For Hair + Makeup:
Annette Duffalo @ Teased Hair & Body Studio 1199 South Brady Street DuBois 814-375-7800
Angie Powell + Cori Pifer @ The Beauty Bar 6 South Main Street DuBois 814-299-7175
For Photo Shoot:
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“You are altogether beautiful, my love. There is no flaw in you.”
– Song of Songs 4:7