002 The Desire Map

the desire map book danielle laporte gabrielle orcutt

Is there a book sitting on your coffee table or bookshelf that changed your life? A book that vibrates with power. Pure transformational energy.

There are a couple of books like that for me. One of them is The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.

The Desire Map flew onto my radar thanks to the other Butisattvas in the Buti Yoga group. About once every 2 months, someone asks about books that are a must read. “The Alchemist” “The Wheels of Life” “The Desire Map” had been raved about over and over.

I found the book on Amazon and then checked out The Desire Map website. A plethora of real, loving, and strong words to infuse the soul. Danielle LaPorte hooked me with her Truth Bombs. Witty, smart and inspiring. Conveniently, her opt-in was a PDF chapter from The Desire Map. Yes, please!

Devour. It was SO GOOD. I read it three times. Read every email she sent. Ruminated on every Truth Bomb that greeted my inbox. I eventually took the plunge and snagged the book. Time to put in the work. Operation self heal + find direction is now in session.

I picked my way through The Desire Map. I expected it to be a BOOK, when it’s in fact a book AND journal pages. I read through the beginning and took a break at the first fun sheets. I wanted to let the reading marinate, fully saturating my thought process before picking up a pencil to put it to paper.

reading the desire map book danielle laporte gabrielle orcutt

The hardest part was finding alone time to fully submerge myself into the prompts and digging deep. Two kids, a husband…life is crazy. I spent many nights up until 10:30-11:00 PM, chunking it out and working my way through the 5 life areas: Livelihood & Lifestyle, Body & Wellness, Creativity & Learning, Relationship & Society, and Essence & Spirituality.

Some of these categories were easy to work through; I knew exactly what I wanted to feel in that area of my life. Others were not so clear. The water was murky and I really had to play devil’s advocate to make sure what I was thinking rang true to my heart.

This process takes a few rounds to weed out those feelings/words that do not resonate. By elimination, you eventually settle on your Core Desired Feelings.


The way we set goals is the way we live our lives. Your goals are your plans. They’re your vision for your future (and probably, your family’s future, too). Did you choose that vision on purpose? With clarity and confidence?

Are your goals based on your heart’s true desires, or what society tells you that you should want? Are your goals driven by your core desired feelings, or by the expectations your friends or family have of you?

Read The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, and answer those questions for yourself.

When you get clear on the way you most want to feel and you make life choices based on those core desired feelings, well… I can speak from experience and say that EVERYTHING changes.

Life gets brighter, clearer, more fulfilling. Life feels better!

I’m wishing that for you — today and always.