Yoga for beginners

“Is there yoga for beginners? I have never done yoga, where do I start?!”

I got you, boo, let’s get this yoga party started! There’s always the ick of starting something new and unknown. No idea what to expect, wanting to do it perfectly right out of the gate and the desire to fit in among the already seasoned crowd. I hope my insight helps ease the transition and increases your courage to push your fears aside and go for it!

 Things you need for all yoga practices:

  • An open mind
  • Progress not perfection
  • Sense of humor

These three key things will make your time on the mat more enjoyable. The yoga mat is YOUR sacred space: treat yourself how you want to be treated, do the movements that make you feel how you want to feel, and like the alpha wolf, you protect + defend your sacred space from negative vibes. Respect the practice and it will give you limitless rewards.

Things you can purchase to do the yoga:

  • Yoga mat (can be as expensive as you’d like: $  $$  $$$)
  • Yoga strap (assist in stretches/binds $)
  • Yoga blocks (assist in poses/proper alignment $)
  • Pillows/blankets (to bolster in stretching $ $$)

The items you can purchase are not totally necessary, although they will add a little magic, comfort and assistance throughout your yoga practice. Every time I unroll my yoga mat I get butterflies of excited anticipation knowing the next 30-60 minutes are going to release the stresses, increase my endorphins and benefit my overall well being.


Types of Yoga:

  • Yin Yoga: Yin yoga is very, very…veerrrrrrry slow. You stay in the same pose for 1-5 minutes with the help of props depending on the stretch and whether or not you can get there. If you want to increase flexibility, this is your JAM. You are breathing into the tight muscles until they completely relax and let go. This works best when muscles are warm (dance in place, jog, hot shower) and this practice can be deeply relaxing. You may fall asleep. No big deal!
  • Hatha Yoga: Traditional hatha yoga is fairly slow in pace. Each pose gets a few deep breaths before moving to the next pose. It is very gentle in nature and there’s no flow from one pose to the next.
  • Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga blends the dynamics of Yin and Hatha yoga together. A slow paced yoga flow with the use of props. Another great type of yoga to work on flexibility, it’s a pinch relaxing with a lot of rejuvenation. You will feel very open after class.
  • Vinyasa: Vinyasa means flow in Sanscrit. Constantly moving through sun salutations, this yoga practice will develop strength and endurance. This class is linking the breath to each pose and finishes with more intense stretching. You will start and end the practice sitting still as the grounding component.
  • Buti Yoga: Buti means a cure to something hidden or kept secret in Indian Marathi. The movement methodology is drawn from primal movement, tribal dance and ancient yoga techniques to awaken the Shakti energy and free the mind.

These are only 5 of many types of yoga! Explore the yoga world if you are left wanting more 🙂

When I started my yoga practice I was in college. I found a 6 am morning show with an old yogi dude who was pretty awesome. Gentle flows that would begin to warm up the body, the practice was easy enough for beginners to jump in, yet progressed to provide a challenge and kept seasoned yogis from getting bored. (READ: Vinyasa Yoga) I will still flow out some sun salutations to loosen the back and warm the body. I will still hit some Yin yoga after a Buti Yoga flow if I feel muscles are still tight and need the deeper stretch.

The biggest thing is listening to your body! Don’t force your body into poses and moves that are beyond your grasp at this point in your practice. Some days I can nail king pigeon and rock out a split. Other days my body is too cranky to do much but moderate level poses/stretches.

I highly suggest TRYING things that are new. Go slow. If your balance is still shaky, trying to perfect crow during the first attempt will result in a face plant with a flat bloody nose. Have the confidence and bravery to go for it while being aware of your limitations. I’ve crumbled, vertebrae by vertebrae, when I got into pincha. Not fun. FEAR plays a huge part in your ability to get into a pose. If there is an ounce of fear in your body, you will know it. Especially in pincha!


My girl @yogakicksmyasana slaying pincha, she’s the pincha queen!

Prep for Buti Yoga class:

  • Sticky yoga mat
  • Bottle of water (or two!)
  • Towel (yes you will need it!)
  • Sport tape or ankle/knee/wrist wraps (if sore)

You most certainly can start your yoga journey by jumping head first into Buti Yoga. Don’t think that it can not be done. We have quite a few ladies in the tribe that have found their love of Buti this way; no prior yoga experience AT ALL. I will say, that Buti Yoga is easier if you’ve had some other yoga classes under your belt or at least know the poses + pose names used (this will keep you from constantly craning your neck to see what needs to be where!)

Check out a few full length workouts on YouTube (embedded below!) to see what you think and assess if you’d feel more comfortable trying some different types of yoga before circling back around to Buti Yoga. Even better, check out a live class local to you! I’d be happy to hook you up with an instructor in your area if one is available. Please reach out to me!

If you are ready to dive into Buti Yoga, FIND A LIVE CLASS! Get with the tribe and love them hard.  No live classes near you? I suggest the Dynamic Flow DVD. It has two sets of workouts: one set to wake you up in the morning and the other set to wind you down at night. It is a bit slower paced than most of the tone workouts/other DVDs available. You can try the tone subscription at Start Your Sweat.

If you feel fairly confident in your yoga practice and think you would be bored with the slow pace of Dynamic Flow, grab Shakti Sweat. It is my FAVORITE of all the DVDs available. Nothing will ever beat the energy of a live class, Shakti Sweat is second best next to the Tone subscription.

Bizzie gold buti yoga before and after postpartum

Bizzie Gold: founder of Buti Yoga. Her amazing transformation.

 Buti Yoga workouts online: