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Buti” is an Indian Marathi word that means “A cure that has been hidden beneath the surface or kept secret.”

 “Butisattva” is one who has discovered their power to heal from within.

  I believe ALL WOMEN have the sacred power to heal their bodies from the inside out. Buti Yoga encourages women to connect with the deepest (and often darkest!) parts of themselves to facilitate sustainable transformation.
The tribe of bad ass babes who practice Buti Yoga on the regular are called Butisattvas. These women have crawled out from the ashes of low self esteem, a lot of insecurities and sickening self hate to transform their body. The practice draws on ancient cleansing techniques called Kriyas to stimulate and cleanse the deep abdominal organs thus facilitating detoxification on the physical, energetic and emotional levels.
Physically, mentally spiritually…the metamorphosis from trying to fit into society’s “perfect” beige square holes to embracing their ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova they were always meant to be is freeing and inspiring beyond measure. A mirror of all you are or all you have yet to become… They are a living invitation to claim your freedom.  It’s amazingly empowering to have the support of a strong, motivated and inspirational group of Butisattvas.

 Buti Yoga is unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever done. It’s hard AF. It’s frustrating. It’s challenging. It stretches you and forces you to grow. You can’t transform by doing the same old routine. – Gabrielle Orcutt

We are letting our inner beautiful, sexy selves out to play and say “fuck it” to strict society rules. The yoga floor is a sacred, safe space to be able to move in a way that feels natural and real without judgement. You’ll never find a group of women who are more real, more different and more loving than the Buti Tribe. We are hungry for you to succeed just as much as you are. We spread the Buti Bliss, transform our being and glow like radiant goddesses.
Empowering women, awakening shakti and building confidence, this workout is for women who are looking for self love + acceptance, empowerment, a support group, reduce anxiety and become a free spirit woman.
I am these vibrations my body is my temple reverse prayer yoga pose yoga classes dubois pa

My yoga goals for you:

  • Increase flexibility, strength + self love
  • Understand chakras + kundalini & how these play a major role in your life
  • Meeting the mat with intentions + mantras & using your yoga practice as meditation

 What butisattvas are saying about Buti Yoga!

  • “I have not sweat like that since I gave BIRTH! I felt so amazing afterwards. Like damn near crying good on the way home. Had to take a break here and there but I was amazed at how strong I was. In fucking love!” – Jessica Copenhaver
  • “Buti Yoga with Gabby…it was a blast!! Not gonna lie, I was a bit worried about fitting into it because I was told it’s about female empowering movements but it employed a ton of core work, yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics…It was challenging in my mobility and ranges of motion. It was challenging in my endurance for static posing. I loved it!” – Jerod Miller
  • “You will get all the cardio you need from Buti. I was doing Beachbody before with Cize (all cardio) and Body Beast…I have to say, I sweat more with Buti. The strength training along with cardio is what does it. You gain a ton of flexibility too.” – Kristen DiNonno
  • “Want to know if Buti helps with weight loss? I lost 2.5 inches and 4 lbs already. I was previously working out doing 30 minutes a day of cardio/weight lifting yoga (switched up daily – 6 days a week) and was barely budging! Hands down, the best postpartumn fitness! And not only that, having a new mom bod really takes a blow to your self confidence. Since I started this, I’ve started feeling sexy again.” – Brittany Zeman


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   Thursdays 7PM @ Union Township Fire Dept 44 Rockton-DuBois Road Rockton
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