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Sunny Sweet Summer Playlist

December 12th…and we had 60+ degrees! –> ????? !!!!! In Central Pennsylvania no less! Heck yea! In honor of today’s rockin’ warm temperatures, I give you a gathering of songs to keep that summer feeling alive and get you through the cold winter days…ya know…if we get any 😛 The Dirty Heads – My sweet…

10 facts every woman should know

10 FACTS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW: 1. Everyone has rolls when they bend over. 2. When someone tells you that you’re beautiful, believe them. They aren’t lying. 3. Sometimes we all wake up with breath that could kill a goat. 4. For every woman unhappy with her stretch marks is another woman who wishes she…

What is a Mala? How do I make one?

Malas: What are they and what do you do with them? Can I make my own?   Malas come in many different colors and have many different elements in their creation: wood beads, glass beads, crystal smoothed stones, string, feathers, leather. They are as diverse as the creator that makes them. Despite their differences in appearance…

  • Love this post babe, thank you for taking the time to do it!ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    This is a beautiful mala!  Quick question for you — does your count of 108 include the elephant and the “extra” beads you added at the end?  Or do your 108 start and stop with the white beads?  Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Elsa

    Stumbled upon site through another…I’ve aways wanted to know about Mala beads..thanks for explanation and guide…ElsaReplyCancel

How to love an American man by Kristine Gasbarre

How to Love an American Man by Kristine Gasbarre has been on my to-read list for quite a while. The writer and the premise of the book is based on my hometown, so I was curious to see what this lovely woman had to say. The book starts out with a very picturesque description of…

Outdoor wedding venues

I constantly answer these questions: “Where can I get married outside?” “Who does outdoor wedding ceremonies?” “What if I want to have an outdoor wedding and reception?” “What outdoor wedding venues are close to DuBois, PA?” Friends, I give you: Where to host outdoor weddings in the DuBois, PA area. You’re welcome. Bee Kind Winery in…

  • Michael White

    Also Paul Corbin’s barn in Falls Creek out off the airport road.ReplyCancel

    • I feel like I should know exactly where this is but can’t picture it :/ReplyCancel

  • Nathan Benton

    I have an outdoor venue people may like for weddings, would you like to see it to see if it would met people’s expectations.ReplyCancel