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Babies cry with an accent

  Did you know? Babies cry with an accent. YUP – you read that right! Babies listen to the languages spoken by their parent’s while in the womb. Because of this, they develop distinctive cries based on the voices they heard. When born, it is easy to distinguish a German baby from an American baby…purely based…

Boudoir myths busted!

MYTH #1 (and probably the biggest): I HAVE to wear lingerie or be nakedNO! I want you to put on whatever outfit that makes you FEEL sexy! Could being in your birthday suit make you feel sexy? Yes. Could wearing lingerie make you feel sexy? Yes. Could wearing a gown make you feel sexy? Or…

You are a woman. It is an all encompassing honor. In our wombs, rests all of humanity.

My Dearest, It is time to let go. Really let go. This is scarier than the first day at school or the first camp or sending you to university. This is the big daddy of worry. Nothing compares. You are old enough to get married. Despite the years of nagging, lecturing and disciplining, I feel…

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