Monthly Archives: May 2017

Dream vision statement

  It’s really hard to believe that I’ve been peddling as an entrepreneur since 2008. Doing my thang. Pushing my creations out into the world. At first it was easy and exciting to put my art out there. The level of excitement created a sort of euphoria that gave you the courage to hit “post”…

Ungrateful? Why it’s ok to shout out the sh-t!

Ungrateful? Why it’s ok to shout out the sh-t! Let’s get real here: not everything is unicorns, rainbows and mermaids. Life is REALLY hard sometimes. While there’s always a lesson to be learned from every experience in our journey, being an attentive, focused player is extremely difficult. Especially when it is a very unpleasant situation….

Grateful for

What are you grateful for?   This hairy guy; for supporting my dreams, for helping me see the successes when I all I see are crumbling pieces, for being the coach to pick me up and keep going, for picking up slack when I am stumbling, for seeing life from a different perspective. Life would…