28 days of self love



  1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).


Every year the calendar flips to February, everyone’s vision is blurred with hearts flying from Cupid’s bow, chocolates and red teddy romance.

…well. Maybe not for everyone.

Whether you have a significant other to share in the feelings of love this February or not, I truly believe it’s our responsibility to learn to love our self FIRST. Loving your body and celebrating all of it’s imperfections that our eyes tell us are there, is FREEING. Life is a little bit easier and there is a spring in your step. Your energetic vibe is magnetic and contagious. As you further the uncovering of love for your self, you will find that you are in fact LOVABLE and worthy of love from your own soul. You will become an inspiration for other young girls and women to start their own journey…to drop the negative self talk and see beauty in their being that they never noticed before.

Starting February 1st, we are going to steep in self-love…a 28 day journey learning to love each of our body parts and finding that inner Goddess full of confidence, radiance and strength. We are jumping into the book/journal: 28 Days Naked: Your Guide to Living Smarter, Feeling Sexier, and Loving Your Body. Each day you will focus on one part of your body; there’s a few pages of uplifting content, a vibrational statement, quote and a journal prompt. 28 Days Naked is intended to repair that relationship and bring us to a place of love and gratitude for the amazingness that is our bodies.

During this 28 day practice you will learn how to:

  • Honor your body
  • Increase your acceptance of the body in which you live
  • Reprogram yourself to see the great things about your body
  • Be compassionate towards yourself

28 Days Naked will gently guide you to a place of self-love, acceptance and vibrant energy. Put simply, when practiced, 28 Days Naked will restore the relationship between your mind, soul and your body so that you love the skin you are in and live life with vibrant energy.

Does this sound like something you need in your life? Perhaps you are timid, fearful or any other number of negative feelings/energies: IT’S OK! I will be going through the book for the first time WITH you! Yes, with you! And a group of lovely ladies as well. We will check in every day in my Facebook Group: “Buti Yoga with Gabby” where I will discuss the devotional for the day and we can talk about how we feel about this body part. You are welcome to participate fully in the group or just lurk.


Being uncomfortable is where you experience the MOST growth!
Face it fearlessly and you will be greatly rewarded!! 


READY to dive in?!

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PLEASE NOTE: You will not actually BE naked (this seems to be a road block…hear me out first, judge later!) It is merely a figure of speech in stripping down societal norms, points of views and expectations you may be holding yourself accountable for or believing mentally.

However, I will tell you that if you can slip on a bikini and do chores around the house for 2 hours at least once a week…your world will change!

“We diminish our holiness by being obsessed with what’s wrong instead of finding what’s right. We criticize ourselves to the point that we forget about who we are and the greatness that is our bodies.” – Ilyana Vanzant