A heart for Dad, Ashley’s Angels

A heart for Dad

“In 2013 I had an idea. The idea came from my experience of having two miscarriages and Ashley still born. I got to hold Ashley but the two miscarriages I got nothing. So my idea was for a small fleece heart for the mom of miscarriage to have something to hold on to.

Well this heart idea took off and I have donated hundreds of them since. I even embroider names on them when people contact me for memorial items. This heart, pretty easy for me to make, shows love and offers comfort to many. I got a note from a hospital in TX today who needs more hearts. I wanted to share because I guess it isn’t just moms who are touched by the hearts. Here is a part of her email:

‘Hi Dawn!

I believe we are out of stuffed hearts. A dad said he loved those because they are the perfect size for the palm of his hand to squeeze.

Thank you,

Showing love and offering comfort is what life is all about. Continued prayers are appreciated as Ashley’s Angels grows a bit more. Donating all we make is so wonderful. God is faithful. Have a blessed day!”

Dawn, Ashley’s Angels founder

Interested in helping Ashley’s Angels? Please read this post for items needed. Thank you for your desire to help others in a great time of sadness.