Ashley’s Angels 2016

Gabrielle Orcutt Photography accepting wedding dress donations for angel babys with Ashleys Angels DuBois PA

Each year when the old year becomes the new year I like to look back at what Ashley’s Angels did to help hurting families and thank all of those who help me in this mission.

In 2016 Ashley’s Angels sent out 458 items. All of which there was no charge for including shipping all around the country. Many families were comforted and hospitals prepared for the awful time when a family lost their baby.

I feel so humbled to be allowed into a families life during such an awful time. It is so worth the tears I cry and the heartache I feel for each one when I get a note telling me that the memorial items I sent were perfect and made them feel so comforted. I am so glad to be able to do this in my daughter Ashley’s memory. It really helps me to keep her memory alive and makes her death worth something. I think about how if we had not lost her, Ashley’s Angels would have never been able to comfort so many parents.

All of this is not done by just me. First I would like to thank my husband Jason who is my rock. He is my rock when I cry and share stories with him. He sheds tears too….it is heartbreaking. He supports our family so that I can stay at home and devote my time during the days to Ashley’s Angels, as well as other places I volunteer at. Without him none of this would be possible.

To my mom Karen who has helped me cut up many wedding gowns as well as donated funds to help with shipping.

To Regie, Amy and Pat who help cut out patterns, sew and do anything else needed to help make this ministry a success.

To the countless brides who have donated gowns so that we have not had to buy fabric for angel gowns in 4 years. Between the gowns we have and more gowns coming in we will probably never have to buy fabric for the angel gown part of our ministry.

Thank you to Gabby who collected 14+ gowns, took pictures and has made a great video of what is done with the gowns.

And thank you ALL for your prayers over the years as I decided to go on my own and start making gowns with the goal of no family having to go and buy something for their baby and to make personalized memorial items to comfort families.

God is the center of this ministry and He is to receive all of the glory. My prayer is that the person receiving the items will feel the comfort of God’s love through what we do.

My cup overflows.