Boy Band Buti Class

….YASSS! It is coming at you April 27th, 7:00 PM @ Rockton Fire Department! >>PRE-PAY your ticket in!!<<

Pull out those well worn t-shirts from your tween-age fantasies…we are doing it Boy Band style as a final farewell to April because….

Girrrrrl, that know that’s on the plat list for sure!!! 😉

I am very sad to report, that I no longer have any of my boy band t-shirts (it’s a SIN, I tell you!! Why didn’t I save those??) but I have compiled a list of t-shirts you can snag in time for Thursday’s event.

Backstreet Boys
Savage Garden
98 Degress
New Kids On The Block
The Beatles
Jonas Brothers
5 seconds of summer

SUPER STOKED to sweat it out with all you ladies!!!

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A heart for Dad

“In 2013 I had an idea. The idea came from my experience of having two miscarriages and Ashley still born. I got to hold Ashley but the two miscarriages I got nothing. So my idea was for a small fleece heart for the mom of miscarriage to have something to hold on to.

Well this heart idea took off and I have donated hundreds of them since. I even embroider names on them when people contact me for memorial items. This heart, pretty easy for me to make, shows love and offers comfort to many. I got a note from a hospital in TX today who needs more hearts. I wanted to share because I guess it isn’t just moms who are touched by the hearts. Here is a part of her email:

‘Hi Dawn!

I believe we are out of stuffed hearts. A dad said he loved those because they are the perfect size for the palm of his hand to squeeze.

Thank you,

Showing love and offering comfort is what life is all about. Continued prayers are appreciated as Ashley’s Angels grows a bit more. Donating all we make is so wonderful. God is faithful. Have a blessed day!”

Dawn, Ashley’s Angels founder

Interested in helping Ashley’s Angels? Please read this post for items needed. Thank you for your desire to help others in a great time of sadness.

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Salt crystals were formed 100’s of millions of years ago at the foothills of the Himalayas. Himalayan crystal salt is organic and pollutant free. Locals have been using this salt since Alexander the Great. The salt lamps are carefully crafted by hand to retain the unique, beautiful and natural shape of the rock. The light bulb warms the crystals, which increase the release of healthful negative ions to improve the quality and freshness of the indoor air. While most ionizes are man made machines, Salt Crystal lamps are a beautiful alternative of Mother Nature and safe for our environment.


The Himalayas from 20,000 ft. from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.


Benefits of a salt lamp in your home:

  • Purify the air – removes dust pollen, cigarette smoke and other air contaminents
  • Alleviate allergy + asthma symptoms – removes microscopic particles of dust, pet dander, mold and mildew from air
  • Eases coughing – help body filter air more effieciently
  • Increased levels of energy – positive ions zap our bodies of energy, salt lamps generate negative ions that boost energy
  • Better sleep – negative ions emitted by the salt lamp help increase blood and oxygen supply to the brain
  • Improved mood + concentration
  • Treats Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Reduce static electricity in the air
  • Kill bed bugs

How to care for your Salt Lamp:

This lamp should never be sprinkled with water, kept in a moist room or be placed outdoors. In the humid conditions, the lamp surface may become slightly damp. Lighting it for a few hours dries the salt rock very quickly. If crystallization occurs, just wipe with a damp cloth. Once cleaned, dry the lamp with a paper towel or switch on the lamp for a while. Keep out of reach of children.


My kids both have a “rock” in their room. It’s like a special treat and they love them! I will place one drop of essential oil on the top of the rock every once in a blue moon as a way to diffuse. I do not recommend doing this often, as it will make your salt rock mushy. Our house is very dry in the winter and humid during the summer months. I have had salt rock candle holders melt or ooze, which is a thick sticky substance. If you are concerned with your lamp oozing, I would place it on a metal or wooden plate. Our rock lamps stay on all day and night. I’ve had to replace the bulb in each one twice over the course of a year and a half. Their orange amber glow is very soothing and makes a wonderful night light.

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Indigo Willow Breast Milk Jewelry

Knowing that my son could very well be the last baby my husband and I create together, a part of me wanted to commemorate breast feeding. Through Facebook I had heard about breast milk jewelry. Intrigued, I started investigating. There are some very tastefully done breast milk jewelry pieces and there are ones out there that quality leaves a bit to be desired. “You get what you pay for” is a quote I live by. There are places to find deals and buy cheap. This item was one I was willing to spend on.

There are many breast milk jewelry makers out there, from facebook pages, to etsy, to websites returned from a quick Google search. I found Indigo Willow and immediately fell in love. Kyra’s designs are classic yet whimsy and altogether beautiful. All of her pieces are created with love and it shows in her craftsmanship and innovation.

After oohing and ahhing her site for a few days I finally settled on this beauty:

While she no longer offers this specific pendent, I think it is just gorgeous. It’s antique charm completely won me over. A few clicks and enter in your preferred method of payment and we were in business.

Within 24 hours of purchasing, she emailed instructions for sending your breast milk to her. Kyra will mail the shipping bags for your breast milk to you to send back to her. I sent extra breast milk in case the bag sprung a leak, just to be safe.

Here’s the break down of our shipping adventures back and forth. I will say….it’s VERY strange shipping your breast milk to a state you have never been to before!

Ordered: Jan 17
Received shipping bags: Jan 29
Mailed milk: Jan 30
Received pendant: March 15

Turn around times will vary on how business Kyra is. My turn around time was approximately 6 weeks. It was well packaged and she even included a little polishing cloth to keep it looking spiffy and new.


“My love for simple, classic elements inspires my designs. I love making jewelry that will stand the test of time.  My multi-step process is actually a trade secret. I don’t share my process with anyone and I am actually in the process of filing for a patent for it! What I can tell you is that my process has been perfected and my jewelry is guaranteed not to yellow or discolor over time. I am a Registered Nurse, childbirth educator, artist, wife, mother, and placenta encapsulation specialist in addition to being a breast milk jewelry designer.”Kyra Brooks, Indigo Willow

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