Boudoir myths busted!

Boudoir myths busted fully clothed boudoir glamor Gabrielle Orutt Photography DuBois PA
MYTH #1 (and probably the biggest): I HAVE to wear lingerie or be naked
NO! I want you to put on whatever outfit that makes you FEEL sexy! Could being in your birthday suit make you feel sexy? Yes. Could wearing lingerie make you feel sexy? Yes. Could wearing a gown make you feel sexy? Or a party dress? What about just having hair and makeup done by someone else and then throwing on your “cute butt” jeans? Or maybe you love yourself with very little makeup on and your favorite yoga outfit. Or maybe there’s a set of pjs you just love….or a bikini….or a one piece suit…the possibilities are endless! Don’t feel pressured to wear lingerie or be naked if that is not your thing. SOCIETY may tell us we must look a certain way, but we are all unique and should dress and act as such. Tell me what YOUR version of sexy is and I will help you OWN it!
White sheet boudoir Gabrielle Orcutt Photography DuBois PA Victorias Secret
MYTH #2: I have to pose like a Victoria’s Secret Model and be “sexy”
NO! I much more prefer sweet feminine poses that shows off your beauty both inside and out. If you WANT to pose like a Vickie’s girl, we can achieve that for you. If that’s out of your element, I respect your wishes and we will achieve amazing images of you without any VS inspiration.
button up shirt and tie boudoir Gabrielle Orcutt Photography DuBois PA
MYTH #3: I need to lose 5 lbs first
NO! NO, NO, NOOOO! You are incredibly breathtaking as you are in your current physical state. 5 pounds less or not. You are gorgeous. You are beautiful.  You have a light that shines within you that no one can put out. Don’t listen to society who says anyone over 100lbs is over weight. YOU ARE A STUNNER JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
cover girl boudoir natural hair glamour Gabrielle Orcutt Photography DuBois PA
MYTH #4: I must have a significant other to give these images to
NO again! Are these images a gift? Absolutely, for YOU. Let someone else show you that you are beautiful in the way THEY see you; not what the mirror shows staring back at you day in and day out. If you need a day of fun, pampering and a confidence booster…this is it!
old hollywood boudoir glamor glamour Gabrielle Orcutt Photography DuBois PA
MYTH #5: I need to be young
NO NO NO!! Celebrate who you are, the obstacles you’ve triumphed over and the amazing woman you transformed into! Our lives are a constant change of seasons; great joy, extreme pain, amazing success and horrible tragedy. Take a step back from the mundane routine in your life for a couple hours and just enjoy yourself. Celebrate yourself. Pamper yourself. 🙂