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Featured Friday: Savvy Deets Bridal

An oldie but goodie for Featured Friday, my wedding feature on Savvy Deets Bridal. It’s hard to believe Kelliand Craig just celebrated their 2 year anniversary (MY how time flies!!). This is still one of my favorite weddings from my wedding career.

Friday Feature: Tattoo Published!

Check out the whole story here. There are some cute Mom tattoos out there! I love that tattoos tell a story and are meaningful for each person. Very similar to your wedding photos…each tells a story of a very love filled day full of events and people that are unique in their own way.

Featured Friday: DuBois Life Magazine, again!

I am very honored to say my images have graced the cover of DuBois Life magazine again! The cover image was one of my favorites. I love the behind the scenes details that goes into creating a finished product. And having a perfect mustache is not over looked!

Featured Friday: Stew’s Brew Commercial

Check out the Stew’s Brew commercial! You can see my canvases in the background. 🙂 I love supporting local small businesses and will strive to do so even more this year! If you haven’t checked out Stew’s Brew yet, you need to roll in and have an Amy cookie and try some Happy Mug Coffee!

When your dream home is a nightmare…

In light of being published again, this time on Daily Worth (You can check it out here!) I thought I’d share some of the craziness we experienced in buying our house. Some images are graphic, you’ve been forewarned! We did not get a home inspection (House only 12 years old vs the 100+ year old…