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Why do we roll to the right side after savasana? 

Why do we roll to the right side after savasana?   Savasana is the final pose of any yoga class and provides the body deep restoration after working hard throughout the class. Savasana is sometimes called Final Relaxation Pose. The Sanskrit name, “Savasana” (shah-VAHS-uh-nuh), comes from two words:  “Sava” meaning “corpse” and “asana” meaning “pose”….

Finding your SOUL, Jennifer Lyall Season 1 Episode 14

Finding your SOUL Jennifer Lyall discusses discovering and embracing your soul’s purpose, the vicious cycle of not believing in your self, sacred places, signs from the universe, finding actionable power in your own backyard, and animal medicine. This episode is for anyone that is soul searching, curious about seeing and recognizing signs, and ready to…

Ignite your intuition, Willow Bradner Season 1 Episode 13

Ignite Your Intuition Willow Bradner discusses how she became the girl who speaks to dead people, spirit “kidnappers”, tight butt syndrome, self sabotage and postpartum in relation to the soul.   This episode is for anyone who is searching to light up their intuition, add more perspective to postpartum and understand how their limiting beliefs are…