Emotional Intelligence, Supna Shah Season 1 Episode 11

Emotional Intelligence

Supna Shah is our first return guest and Supna shares how she uses Emotional Intelligence in raising her triplets.  This method has allowed her to skip the temper tantrums that are typical of the toddler years and enstill confidence, gratitude, understanding of ones emotions and fostered a deep emotional connection to her babies. 

This episode is for anyone who sees children in their future or is currently frustrated with their child’s behavior and hungry for change. However, I truly believe that anyone can find gold nuggets in our conversation.

Get your notebooks ready, as Supna shares the 5 pillars of Emotional Intelligence and a tool to implement each one.


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emotional intelligence, wego kids, from me to we, soul speak podcast, parenting

“I’m not sure what my kids will face in their lifetime- now is a good time to teach them how to handle things beyond their control.” Supna Shah, Founder


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