Fertility Massage Therapy, Rachel Eyre Season 1 Episode 10

Fertility Massage Therapy…What is it? How can it help you?

Rachel Eyre discusses harnessing the power of the menstrual cycle, fertility massage therapy, healing her PCOS, what are caster oil packs and discussing in depth about her Period-ology course. I am currently in the course and must say it is lovely and CHOCK FULL of wisdom that will blow your mind!

fertility massage therapy fallopian tubes the healthy womb Rachel Eyrefertility massage therapy ovaries and almonds the healthy womb Rachel Eyre

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Topics discussed on the show:

  • 2:30 What is the healthy womb
  • 4:50 Rachel’s symptoms
  • 6:40 Internal healing
  • 8:00 Fertility Massage Therapy & diaphragm stretching
  • 12:00 Why do Fertility Massage Therapy
  • 15:00 How often to book Fertility Massage Therapy
  • 17:00 Most profound result from Fertility Massage
  • 19:00 PMS and cycle awareness
  • 21:00 Lack of tolerance while on menstrual cycle
  • 23:00 PCOS healing
  • 26:00 Nourishing practices
  • 30:00 Periodology Course
  • 33:00 Menstrual cups
  • 37:00 Finding the “Goldie Locks” menstrual cup
  • 41:00 Caster Oil Packs
  • Podcast: Mythology
  • Book: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christiane Northrup
  • Spirit animal: Penguin
  • Crystal: Rose Quartz
  • Isis Oracle by Alaina Fairchild


The healthy womb fertility massage therapy

“After a year of working on my womb, I came off the pill and for the first time in years, had a healthy bright red bleed, free of clots and other stuff.  I had no PMS and only very mild discomfort, I thought I had just slept funny.  It was a shock that I had started a period without a week of feeling miserable and in pain.   It then become my mission to ensure that other women don’t suffer as much as I did, being passed from pillar to post when infact there are so many things you can do to help yourself that don’t have other side effects.    Having healed myself naturally, coming off the pill and other medications, learning Fertility Massage as self care, studying and qualifying in nutrition myself and changing my lifestyle has transformed my health and my body.  And I can help you too.” – Rachel Eyre, The Healthy Womb

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