Gender Reveal: I’m so nervous I could barf!

“We find out the gender today and I’m so nervous I could barf!”

What is it about finding out the gender of your second baby that is more nerve racking than the first? For me, it was wanting a boy…since our first kiddo is a girl. I wanted to be the mother of both genders. While I was 85-90% certain that the ninja turtle I was carting around in my body was wielding a penis, I wanted to see for myself via the 20 week ultrasound.
I did really good with nerves up until the day of the appointment. Then I turned into an over caffeinated human, jittery as all get out, and kept switching from “I feel like I’m going to barf!” to “MOVE I need to pee, NOW!” It was completely exhausting.
I had to take a zofran about 2 hours before my appointment or there was no way I was going to make it! And it was a good thing I did. When I had the 20 week sonogram done 4 years prior, it was as easy as pull your shirt up to your bra and roll your pants down as low as you can.
This time, I was blinded with needing to have an INTERNAL sonogram before the belly sonogram. They are checking to make sure your cervix is still tightly closed. If your cervix is not, they can be proactive in avoiding a premature birth and any other complications that come with it. I think this is a win for all parties involved.
The new procedure completely threw me off of my game. I was not anticipating an internal sonogram…especially considering I had the following people in attendance for the big reveal: My husband and four year old daughter, my mom and dad (who are divorced), my husband’s mom and dad. And yes we crammed us all in the 6 foot by 7 foot room, plus an exam table, sonogram machine AND the tech running the machine.
It was slightly embarrassing to tell a room full of people, “HEY you can’t come back immediately when they call my name. I’m getting an internal check.” >.< I die.
When the tech confirmed my guess/suspicion, we all screamed and woohoo-ed with joy and some tears on my end. Had our sweet baby Malcolm been a girl? I’m sure there would have been a some what upset me on the scene. I REALLY wanted a boy. Bad. I would have loved Miss Delilah all the same had she been growing in my womb. Without a doubt. Truly all that mattered is a healthy growing baby. I’ve been blessed with two.
What happens when you go to find out what gender you are having and it’s the opposite of what you wanted? Or you are completely overjoyed with two kids of the same gender…but your family will not be. What do you do?
Set boundaries. Before you even say what gender you are carrying, tell them you are overjoyed with the sex and can’t wait to finally meet your baby. You wish to hear nothing but positive uplifting stories.
Kids will fight or scrap, regardless of being two of the same or two different genders. That’s what kids do. My two go rounds and I feel like I am a referee. Sometimes I feel like I have to put the kids in separate corners.
You were chosen to have the gender your are growing and breathing life into. That baby was meant for you.
Congratulations Momma <3