Finding your SOUL, Jennifer Lyall Season 1 Episode 14

Finding your SOUL

Jennifer Lyall discusses discovering and embracing your soul’s purpose, the vicious cycle of not believing in your self, sacred places, signs from the universe, finding actionable power in your own backyard, and animal medicine.

This episode is for anyone that is soul searching, curious about seeing and recognizing signs, and ready to take action in your own neighborhood.

Enjoy the show!


Jennifer Lyall, finding your soul, soul speak podcast, gabrielle orcutt,


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Jennifer Lyall, Finding your soul, soul speak podcast, gabrielle orcutt

“We all came here to do something special in the world. Sometimes it’s hard to know what that “something special” is. I can tell you, that you’ve been doing it in some way your whole life. It’s something unique that you do. And it’s magic. It’s time to believe in your magic, your unique gifts that only you can share, by connecting with your soul, developing your intuition (your soul is talking to you all the time!) and standing in your truth, being your authentic self. The world needs you. It’s time let them see your True Self, I can show you how to live in alignment in you personal life and career. It’s ok for you to be you.” – Jennifer Lyall, Connect to U

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