Fit in boxes

fit in boxes


Growth. It’s a funny thing. Always bitter sweet as we enter new pastures and leave behind the old.

When we level up, things change: relationships, money, possessions, work.

People are after the same few things in life: love, fortune, fame, health, joy. 

Watching someone other than yourself achieve the dreams you have sends you on a destructive spiral, full of jealousy, greed and even hate. As you begin questioning, why them? Why not me? That was mine…as the teeth clamp and fists clench tighter.

And this person sets on a mission to downplay your accomplishments, make vile comments, or be just plain rude.

You do not know what adversities were overcome, what devastation was administered…to reach this place.

My box changes everyday. In fact I have a field of boxes all open and I play hopscotch as I jump in and out.

Some people totally get me. Some don’t. If you do not, it is your job to love, not judge. ✌🏻💖