Ignite your intuition, Willow Bradner Season 1 Episode 13

Ignite Your Intuition

Willow Bradner discusses how she became the girl who speaks to dead people, spirit “kidnappers”, tight butt syndrome, self sabotage and postpartum in relation to the soul.  

This episode is for anyone who is searching to light up their intuition, add more perspective to postpartum and understand how their limiting beliefs are in correlation to each chakra in their energetic being.

Enjoy the show!

ignite your intuition, willow bradner, soul speak podcast, spirit, accidental psychic


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Topics discussed on the show:

  • 3:00 Using your intuition as a GPS
  • 4:00 Speaking to dead people
  • 8:00 Day after reactions to dead people channeling
  • 9:00 Soul kidnappers & soul jumping
  • 12:00 Building foundation, trusting intuition
  • 16:00 Drinking the kool aid as followers
  • 22:00 Perceptions
  • 25:00 Five glass ceilings, what is the most common?
  • 29:00 Self recognition beyond rewarding self with food or expensive thing
  • 31:00 Stretching your joy ceiling
  • 33:00 Postpartum and not being grounded or connected to self
  • 39:00 Tight butt syndrome & the chakras
  • 44:00 Religion and intuition…do they mix?
  • 47:00 Victim & the scapegoat
  • 50:00 Husband’s current reaction to channeling ability
  • 52:00 Rise to Ignite Program
  • Book: Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (Do the Audible version!) & The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
  • Spirit Animal: Hummingbird
  • Crystal: Amazonite
  • Spirit Cats by Nicole Piar 


Willow Bradner accidental psychic, soul speak podcast, ignite your intuition

“Yesterday I did a medium reading. The client asked towards the end how to handle her FEARS that kept coming up. The response I received woke me. And it woke me again at 3am this morning in a dream. I told my client – the same I will tell you now. The voice from the other side explained, “The fear you are experiencing is not yours…It is the fear left over from the women that came before you.” – Willow Bradner, Accidental Psychic


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