Intentionally Present, Elena Sonnino Season 1 Episode 15

Intentionally Present

Elena Sonnino discusses being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, doing everything you were told is not possible, being intentionally present, taking on others’ emotions, and pranayama.   

This episode is for anyone that is facing a serious disease, looking to switch their perspective, hearing the impossible happen and living with intention.

Malcolm did hit us with his favorite line to have mama come running for assistance…again. You will hear him yelling a little bit.

Since recording together, Elena has started her own podcast, Sunrise in your pocket. Her podcast is geared at becoming the go-to disruptor for anyone who needs a reminder to get out of their own way so that they can reconnect to the inner strength and wisdom that is always with you. It is a gentle nudge. An outstretched hand. A friend who knows just when you need a boost.  

Enjoy the show!

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sunrise in my pocket, soul speak, podcast, intentionally present

“I’m a sought-after guide for living fully in the now to step into the spotlight of your life. As a life coach, speaker, and yoga teacher, my work is an invitation to remove self-imposed obstacles and deepen your relationship with your inner strength and wisdom. I help individuals and groups feel more connected to themselves and less reliant on what other people think so that they can step even more fully into the NOW and their wildest dreams.” – Elena Sonnino


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