Letting go

Letting go…

letting go, autumn, fall, leaves, gabrielle orcutt

I used to hate autumn…it was a slap in the face that winter was creeping in much faster than wanted #summergirlforlife But if you dig a little deeper you will find the true lesson in the autumn hues:

That letting go has never been so beautiful and freeing. 

letting go, gabrielle orcutt, autumn, fall

Leaves that cling on for dear life through to November are…dry…muted in color…lifeless… That is what clinging to relationships, things, dreams…will do to your soul if they are no longer serving you. I think sometimes we feel like we have to hold on to ppl or things because it’s what we are told we are supposed to do. But why hang on if it brings no joy? Society does’t care if you feel like sh-t or not…and this is not society’s life….

letting go, autumn, fall, gabrielle orcutt

How do you know if something no longer serves you? Time for an internal check: when you think about, use, or hang out with whatever you are holding onto, how do you FEEL? Yuck? Or yum? Hell no? Or F-ck YASSS? More times than not, the right route is the hard route…and the not so popular one. no matter what, no one should live according to what and how others think they should live. the reward for conformity is that everyone loves you but yourself.

Stop tolerating the bullsh-t and surround yourself with things, ideas and people that are uplifting to your spirit and over all well being.

letting go, autumn, fall, gabrielle orcutt