Moon and Tarot, Eryn Johnson Season 1 Episode 8

Moon and Tarot… today’s episode is with our guest, Eryn Johnson. She talks about how she found tarot, using tarot as a tool for growth & expansion, how she created Tarot Yoga, tips on how to read tarot for beginners, using the moon to track emotions & menstrual cycles, how your fertility & the moon correlate and a lot more! I really enjoyed speaking with Eryn and have found we have a lot in common. We could have talked for hours about all the things! Enjoy the show!


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Topics discussed on the show:

  • 4:00 Gateway drug to spirituality
  • 7:00 Family’s reaction to tarot & reiki
  • 10:00 Tarot Yoga
  • 13:00 Road blocks to taking your yoga online
  • 16:00 Podcast: Yoga with Elsie
  • 17:00 Body shame + yoga
  • 20:00 Adjustments in a yoga class (Video mentioned I can’t find on youtube)
  • 21:00 Trauma conscious yoga
  • 26:00 Traveling yoga
  • 30:00 Simple Tarot Spreads
  • 31:00 Tips to start your Tarot journey
  • 34:00 Game of Thrones
  • Game of Thrones Tarot Deck
  • 38:00 How Game of Thrones was a tarot gateway
  • 40:00 Podcast: Cosmic Cousins
  • 42:00 Journaling your feelings + noting the moon phase
  • 43:00 Moon, cycle syncing, and your fertility
  • 45:00 Living with the moon + permission to rest
  • Favorite Podcast: Tarot for the Wild Soul
  • Favorite book: Seventy Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack
  • Spirit Animal: bat
  • Crystal: Sodalite
  • The Good Tarot


Eryn Johnson tarot reader, yogi, philadelphia yoga teacher, living open podcast

I’m on a journey to come home to myself. I’ve always been weird. As a kid, I loved to read, I wrote novels, I loved school, I loved music and playing instruments, and I had a big giddy laugh and glasses. But I didn’t realize that was different. I was just me. I learned to doubt myself. I learned to judge myself and others. I stopped writing. I quit the band. And for years, I carried on just like that. My magic was hiding underneath the surface– so deep under the surface, in fact, that I forgot it was there. I found yoga in college, and after that everything changed. I started to peel back those layers, an uncomfortable process, one by one. Slowly, I started to bring my magic to the surface. I started to learn how to trust myself again. I started to release crippling self doubt. I started writing again. I started dancing and letting my weirdness shine again. I started to let the real me be seen. Because I was right. I am weird. My weirdness is what makes me special and amazing. It’s what makes me fall in love with myself. It’s what the people who are supposed to be in my life love about me.” – Eryn Johnson


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