When Motherhood Makes You Capable of Anything

When motherhood makes you capable of anything; How Erin’s journey to parenthood empowered and awakened her spirit to help other mommas just like herself and launched “Latched on Love“.

When you become a mom, it transforms you into a completely different person. Sure, there are pieces of your old self, but having a baby changes everything. You see the world in a whole new light. You have to recreate who you were and evolve into your new role as a mother. For some women, this can be difficult but if you choose to embrace it, it can be amazing.


When my daughter was born in Spring 2015, my whole world was turned upside down. Everything I thought I knew about babies and motherhood was totally wrong (and that’s okay…I think for most of us that is the case. You don’t know it until you live it, right?!).

My daughter’s birth was the most traumatic thing I have ever gone through. It was the most terrifying ending to a stressful pregnancy (I had hyperemesis gravidarum or HG and gestational diabetes). I expected no complications going into her birth. I wanted to do a natural birth but that didn’t happen as I planned.

I was in labor for 27 long hours before I gave birth to my sweet daughter. I was overjoyed when they placed her on my chest until I realized something wasn’t right. She was ripped out of my arms purple skin a result of not breathing. I laid there asking repeatedly if my tiny girl was ok to no response. They quickly took her to the NICU and I didn’t see her for hours.

It was not the birth I envisioned or wanted. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Thankfully, she was a fighter (we see it in her all the time now!). She pulled through and got better faster than any hospital staff had anticipated. She is one strong little girl. I couldn’t love her more.

Due to the circumstances surrounding her birth and NICU stay, breastfeeding did NOT go well. She had been put on formula in the NICU, given a bottle and pacifier, and as a result she wouldn’t latch. At all. I was heartbroken. I struggled for 5 weeks thinking my dream of breastfeeding was gone. At the insistence of my husband, I gave it one last effort and got A LOT of help! From there, little by little, it got better until at 4 months, we were miraculously exclusively breastfeeding- something I NEVER thought would happen. I actually enjoyed breastfeeding her and didn’t dread each nursing session.


Through all this I remember feeling down about how I looked as a new mom. I had no clothes that were convenient to nurse in that made me feel good about myself. Most of the nursing clothes I came across were really expensive and as a new stay at home mom living off one income, I couldn’t justify that price tag. Or worse, they looked like frumpy, plain maternity clothes.

After lots of talking and encouragement, my husband and I decided to start a nursing clothing and accessories company called Latched on Love. I love breastfeeding and I want to support breastfeeding moms. I vow to help normalize breastfeeding so all moms feel confident, comfortable, and at ease nursing their little ones anywhere.


Every part of my heart (as well as lots of tears, late nights, no sleep, and stress) is built into this company. I want to be there to show other moms that just because breastfeeding isn’t going well, doesn’t mean all is lost. There is always hope. If I can be an ear to listen or provide some sort of helpful information, then everything is worth it. Or if one of our products makes a nursing mom feel good about herself then I am one happy mama.

I would never have started this company if it weren’t for my daughter and our struggles. While motherhood is certainly the hardest job I’ve ever had, it has transformed my life in so many amazing ways that I never thought possible. It has pushed me past my limits and given me strength beyond my wildest dreams. I am strong, passionate, loving, intelligent and unstoppable when I put my mind to something now. Whether it’s starting your own business or simply starting a new hobby, once you become a mom you are capable of anything.


Erin Manafort

Co-Owner & CEO
Latched on Love – Affordable Nursing Apparel & Accessories for Stylish Moms