No one is you

No one is you…

no one is you biggest power



This has been a lesson learned many times over the years. It’s so easy to play small and write yourself off.

“So & so already does that.”
“They already teach this.”
“We already have ___ number of these…why add another?”

Add another because you are YOU.
Teach that passion because you are YOU.
Do that adventure because you are YOU.

No one can BE you.
Only you can be you.
Only you can have that special sauce that makes you YOU.
Will there be imitators? Most likely.
Will they be you? Nope.

Trust 👏🏻in 👏🏻yourself👏🏻
that what you have to share and the way you share it matters. That the passion you wish to teach others may be the same damn message that’s been floating in this world for decades but the way you convey that message will have the lights turning on for so many when they didn’t get it previously.

“No one is you and that is your BIGGEST power.” – Dave Grohl is straight up telling you to own and rock your amazing shit. All of it. The whole enchilada with that extra guac. And you be as much extra guac as your badass self says you are.

To play small is to doubt your power. To doubt your power is to hide in this world. To hide in this world is to damage your soul and neglect the very essence of who you are.

And you’re too bright baby girl. TOO BRIGHT 💎 to be in hiding. Come on and SHINE 🌈

no one is you biggest power