Own best friend

Loving my own company gives me the freedom to never feel lonely.

own best friend

I have come to the realization that I enjoy my own company so much more than hanging out with my family. There’s no pressure to be anything. Do certain things. Entertain the status quo. etc. etc. I can sing all the boy band songs in the car. I can listen to podcasts and not worry if someone else is bored or the content is too adult for small ears. I can take 45 minutes in a book store touching all the books and leaving no covers unopened. I can take my time in ulta reading cosmetic ingredients without someone waiting in the car or tugging at my purse ready to get a move on. I can sit down and eat a hot meal that I want to eat instead of compromising my first choice for something that everyone will eat/like.

I believe that the amount of social anxiety and social situations would be lessened if we learned to be our own best friend first.

I am my own best friend. I make no excuses for preferring my own company at times. In fact, when you feel that call the most, I ask you to honor it. It may have been too long since the last time you hung out with your own best friend and chances are decent she has something amazing to tell you.