Own your body

Own your body

own your body

Three years ago this photo was taken. From the outside I don’t look much different: still red, still shapely, still smiling. The inside? Oh the inside. I was whining on the inside, telling myself how worthless I was: as a wife, as a mother, stuck in a soul sucking office job and feeling like a lard in that dress.

What’s changed? After these photographs I quit whining and picked my crying body up off the floor and made the choice to get up and DO instead of sitting to stew. I went back to yoga after quitting bc I wasn’t seeing what I wanted to see on my own timeline and I admitted that what I was doing instead of yoga… was way worse.

Three years later, I am teaching yoga classes in my hometown twice a week. I feel more secure in my role as a wife and mother, giving myself grace for the times I fall short and trying again tomorrow. I’ve lived through the experiences of everything I ever held near and dear to me, completely crashing down like Jenga. But in that crash & burn, I’ve learned how to pick up the pieces and discern what is a solid foundational piece for my life and what is not. Critical thinking. Changing perspectives. Effective communication with those when they are open and ready for it. Knowing when to stay silent instead of perpetuating a negative situation.

Life is wild sometimes but my focus remains the same:

I will empower women. Of all ages. That self love is real and attainable to them. That being called strong and radiant is the greatest compliment they could ever receive. That they have confidence by the truckloads inside their being. That they have the power to facilitate change and make a difference. But most of all? That they are the creator of joy felt in their life and being emotional of any type is perfectly acceptable and nothing to apologize off.

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