Yoni Eggs, Emily Martel Season 1 Episode 12

Yoni Eggs


Emily Martel and I  discuss what a yoni egg is, benefits of using a yoni egg, setting intentions for your yoni egg and why meditation for women means we move. 

This episode is for anyone who is yoni egg curious, wants to deepen their connection to their divine feminine and loves a conversation between two girl friends.

yoni eggs, emily martel, the ordinary priestess, moonstone mavens, soul speak podcast, gabrielle orcutt

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Emily Martel, Ordinary Priestess, Moonstone Mavens, yoni eggs, Soul Speak podcast, Gabrielle Orcutt

“…And here’s the thing, when we don’t see representation of different kinds of bodies in the world, in the media, on tv, we start to think we are wrong. Something must be wrong with us for our bodies to be doing the terrible thing of “weighing more than we want to”. I don’t mean just to see different bodies. I mean, to see the beauty and worth and sensuality in different bodies. In some ways, our culture benefits from this. If women are obsessed with their bodies, there is not enough time or energy left over to rock the boat, to speak up, to take action in this world…” – Emily Martel, The Ordinary Priestess

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